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Teachers at Shire Christian School have been investing time after school to further develop their online teaching skills.

A Christian response to COVID-19

Mr Brett Hartley

The English minister and theologian William Taylor gave a series of talks at a Christian convention a few years ago entitled Understanding the Times. The world, at the present time, is hard to understand. The last few days have seen supermarket shelves almost stripped bare not just of toilet paper, but all sorts of food from tinned vegetables to fresh meat. International airline travel has almost ground to halt. Because gatherings of more than 100 people are not allowed, church services, weddings and even funerals are being cancelled.

The times in which we now live are unprecedented, frightening for many and a great challenge to determine how each of us should respond.

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Coronavirus Information for Parents

If a student or community member suspects they have coronavirus they should call (not visit) their GP or ring the national Coronavirus Health Information Hotline on 1800 020 080. If your child is showing symptoms consistent with the coronavirus please do not send them to school. 

If you haven’t already advised us that your child/children are staying at home at the moment because of risks posed by the coronavirus, please advise us using this google form. Students who are learning at home can access learning through the Junior School Hub or subject specific Google Classroom sites. Because teachers’ workloads have increased substantially as they continue to teach children who come to school, provide work for those who are at home and prepare for a possible school closure, teachers will not be able to send personal emails to parents providing work for students who are self-isolating.

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Mr Greg Smith

Secondary camps are an invaluable part of our school culture. Unfortunately, due to current circumstances, the camps that were due to occur in Week 1 of Term 2 have been postponed.

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Managing Online Learning

Mr Paul Carter

We are certainly in unusual and challenging times. As a learning community we are finding ourselves planning and implementing for a situation that we have never done before. At the moment, our teachers have been working really hard to prepare and teach effective lessons at school as well as post work online and prepare for online learning for future weeks. There’s been new things to learn and we are doing the very best we can to cater for all learners in these circumstances. Please be patient with us as we work together to deliver an engaging online Christian education. Your child’s health, wellbeing and academic progression is important to us.

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Prep learn with colour and shape

Prep have been learning about colour and shapes. Each class recently enjoyed a fun Colour Day.

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Year 9 Commerce Excursion

Earlier this term Year 9 Commerce went to Jamberoo Action Park as part of a major case study. Students this semester are studying consumer issues, running a business and promoting and selling.

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Recreational impacts on the Woronora River examined by Geography class

Year 11 Geography recently had the opportunity to investigate the environment around The Needles on the Woronora River, researching the impact of recreational use on area.

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Meet new Year 1 teacher - Miss Amy Van Santen

My name is Amy Van Santen, I'm 28 years young and grew up in the Sutherland Shire. I am currently living in Sutherland and attend Soul Revival Church in Kirrawee.

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Success at Junior State Swimming Carnival

On the 24th of February, a team of 27 students headed off to Prairiewood Leisure Centre to compete in the Primary Zone Swimming Carnival. The students competed against 10 other schools to be a part of the South Met team who were sent to the State Swimming Carnival.

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14 students chosen for representative touch football

Four teams participated in the CSSA Secondary South Met Zone Touch Gala Day on Thursday, 12th March, with all forty four students playing with great sportsmanship, rigor and skill.

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A firm foundation and a good and faithful servant: Dr Noel Weeks

"Noel Weeks was a very humble man-of-God who was blessed with many academic and spiritual gifts, and who employed these gifts in a quiet, selfless way to bring untold blessing to others."

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Uniform Shop

Edstart - an alternative fee payment option

Shire Christian School is pleased to offer an alternative payment option to assist families with managing their school fee payments.

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What's on - Week 9

 Junior SchoolSecondary School
Week 9
Tues   Yr 12 English Examination
Wed  Yr 10 My Strengths Sessions

Verse of the month

For prayer and praise

“The saying is trustworthy and deserving of full acceptance, that Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners…” 1 Timothy 1:15

  • Praise God for the Lord Jesus Christ who came into the world to save sinners.
  • Pray for all the students to grow in their understanding of who Jesus is and what he came to do.
  • Pray for all those impacted by the coronavirus.
  • Pray for wisdom and discernment for the school board members who serve our school.
  • Pray for the teachers as they prepare and give lessons in their classrooms and online.

The latest careers information

QILT - Australian Universities Compared

A vibrant new website to compare study areas and institutions.

A new hands on experience for prospective students to explore and compare Higher Education study options across Australian Institutions based on the real life experiences of past students.

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