18 students on HSC honour roll, 34 Band 6’s for class of 2023

14 December 2023

18 students on HSC honour roll, 34 Band 6’s for class of 2023

At a surface level, the HSC can be seen to be a cumulative, final summation of a student’s academic achievement. It is without dispute that the HSC result gained by a student is the consequence of the past 13 years of schooling.

Some may look at this result and see it as a final punctuation mark, signifying the end of their formal schooling. Yet, the release of these results are actually the catalyst for forward action and planning. Students can now use these results to help them make decisions about their next steps in life. Teachers use these results to engage in analysis of the data to help them consider their next steps as they teach the same course to the upcoming cohort.

It is within this context that I believe we can gain perspective and clarify the purpose and role of these results. Yes, it is a measure, a snapshot of your skills and knowledge accumulated in certain subject areas. It is a celebration of new understandings, of rigorous practice, of curiosity, of creativity and of precision. However, we also want you to know that behind every grade or band achieved, or ATAR received, we see the student. We see the faces, minds and hearts of every student who made it to this point of their schooling. Some of them thrived in this environment, some perhaps found these final years to be confronting and a struggle. We commend ALL of you and want you to know we are all so incredibly proud of your efforts. Each and every one of you have been made in the image of God, and that is what we see when we reflect on this cohort. We do not merely see and celebrate the quantified results, we also celebrate the personal academic improvements made, we celebrate the student who managed to overcome their nerves to perform for HSC examiners, we celebrate the students who had personal and family struggles that impacted on their ability to learn, we celebrate the students who just love learning and who were intrinsically motivated.

Our broad range of successes this year is a testament to the diverse and creative skills of this cohort. Subjects that achieved excellent results include Ancient History, Design and Technology, Software Design and Development, Textiles and Design, Drama, Community and Family Studies, Food Technology, Legal Studies and Construction.

The following students need to be recognised and commended for being distinguished achievers in their cohort; Sophie Wainwright, Hamilton Magrath, Daniel Bredell, Charlise Alexander, Milayna Batterham, Tyler Denning, Hannah Larrigaudiere receiving Band 6 results across two or more subjects. Kate Edwards, Arthur Evans, Alanah Fahd, Zander Gall, Drake Harding, Ella Luxton, Ruby Macpherson, Matthew Rolland, Zane Russell, Maximilian Smith, Ethan Whittingham also achieved Band 6 results. From this list of students, I want to make special mention of Sophie Wainwright and Hamilton Magrath who achieved 10 Band 6 results between them! Sophie is to be commended for achieving an exceptional 98.9 ATAR.

Thank you to the parents who supported their children throughout this time and I also wish to acknowledge the teachers and teacher’s aides of Shire Christian who have guided and helped shape the learning of some of these students right from Prep.

Well done to the 2023 HSC students! We are proud of you and will be prayerfully upholding you in this next stage of your lives.

Mrs Natalie Bluhdorn
Academic Head


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