A supercalifragilistic achievement: Finn Walsham to star in Mary Poppins

05 April 2022

A supercalifragilistic achievement: Finn Walsham to star in Mary Poppins

Finn Walsham, Year 4 student at Shire Christian, will make his professional musical debut next month in Disney and Cameron Mackintosh’s new production of Mary Poppins at the Sydney Lyric Theatre.

Finn will play the role of Michael Banks.

“I was on my way to school on Monday morning when Mum told me that I had the part,” Finn said.

“I asked if there was a hidden camera and if they were pranking me. I didn’t believe that I got in! I was really excited!” he said. 

The multi-award winning and critically acclaimed Mary Poppins opens in Sydney on May 15.

“Auditions took two months, or around that time, where I would go in and audition the things that they’d taught me, and then go back again about 15 times, until I finally found out that I had the part,” Finn said.

“We only have six weeks to rehearse and then the show starts. Saying six weeks out loud sounds like it’s not that long but it actually takes a long time, which is good because there’s lots to rehearse! I’m rehearsing four days a week, Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. I’m going to be doing a lot of schooling from home and online work, as well as coming to school.

“I announced it to the class and they were very excited for me. A lot of kids have told me that they’ve gotten tickets to watch it,” Finn said. 

Mr Paul Carter, Head of Junior School, said that the school community was excited for Finn. 

“We are really pleased that Finn has embraced this opportunity to be in a professional musical, after much persistence and hard work. We are looking forward to supporting him on the journey and seeing him thrive on stage,” Mr Carter said.

“Congratulations, Finn!” 

Tickets are available via Ticketmaster Australia.

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