A terrific Term 2

25 June 2021

A terrific Term 2

Term 2 was full of energy, positive relationships and great learning.

Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat proved to be a wonderful success and deservedly received high praise from audience members young and old. I heard wonderful feedback from a 6 year old girl through to a great-grandfather and everyone in between. Productions touch and move people in different ways. As a principal, it warms my heart to see children expressing themselves for the enjoyment of others. The meaningful interactions between teachers and students at both the practices and the performances reassured me that our teachers are fully invested into providing the best education they can for our students – not just for school musicals, but in all areas of school life.

Classroom learning has been an important mix of energy and self-discipline. I have enjoyed dropping into some classes where students are busily interacting with each other to produce a particular project. However, I have equally appreciated visiting classes where the best way to learn is to listen to a clear, understandable explanations from a teacher and then complete a quiet, individual learning task.

Our theme for the year has been Christian education and pastoral care. Mrs Cooper, who teaches kindergarten, has shared some of her wonderful initiatives:

We read a book called “My class is my family". We often come back to discussions about how we are part of the KC family who love, care and look out for each other’s needs. We are part of our school family and God’s wider family of believers. Students are seeking to care for their own learning needs and extend this to our whole class - learning how they fit into our family. This extends to their everyday needs of kindness and friendship. The class are very responsive to this.

We start everyday with devotions, prayer and singing. We have prayer picture cards which help the students learn to learn how to thank God, pray for others and pray for ways we can grow to be more like Jesus. Over the past semester, I’ve been encouraged to hear the kindergarten students begin to pray for students who are away for the day, or the needs of others without prompting. They also share the needs of their family and we can pray for loved ones and follow up on their families.

A few teachers in infants use a system called “Have you filled a bucket?” and have spent time teaching their children how to look out and celebrate the strengths of others. Recognising the need for us all to have our 'buckets filled’  they learnt practical ways to encourage and build each other up. 

As I shared a few weeks ago, Christian schools should be praying communities. Over the holidays, please pray for our school. There are many more prayer points than I could possibly list; however, I have shared a few below:

  • Thank God that the government continues to help fund Christian schools.
  • For Year 12 as they study intensively for their trial exams next term.
  • For the school’s building committee as they consider improvements to our facilities.
  • A time of rest for students, parents and staff over the winter break.

Mr Brett Hartley

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