Creative cohort celebrates commendable HSC results

15 December 2022

Creative cohort celebrates commendable HSC results

The release of the HSC results comes with a mixture of feelings; excitement, nervousness, pride, perhaps even disappointment. Above all, it is a timely reminder about who we are in Christ.

No number or rank can quantify who we are, what we may become or capture the complexity of our humanity that God has crafted.

Whatever results have been received, we trust that our students will remember the value of their learning experiences at Shire Christian. We celebrate the thinking that has occurred, the critiquing, the creativity, the questions, the designing, the performing. Their result quantifies one aspect of schooling. As we shape our students to be life long, engaged learners, we are assured that these more holistic skills will continue to echo through their lives in the years to come. 

Our broad range of successes this year is a testament to the diverse and creative skills of this cohort. Student creativity and performativity must be recognised, with our Music and Drama students achieving several Band 6 results, with Drama also achieving many high Band 5 results too. This creativity was similarly displayed in Design and Technology. Students achieved commendable results in our humanities subjects, particularly Ancient History, German, Community and Family Studies and English Advanced. Student achievement extended to our Mathematics, Software Design and Development and Physics students, with particular success in Mathematics Advanced and Extension courses.

When we look at the results, we don’t just see the grade. We see the tenacity, resilience and persistence of many learners who pushed through until the end. We see students who set themselves personal goals and achieved them. We see students who endured complex and challenging circumstances, yet rose above them and committed to finishing their schooling. Congratulations to all these students.

We also acknowledge our teachers for their determination, knowledge and support of the students, particularly as this cohort experienced several disruptions to their learning. Your relentless care and passion for your subjects is a testament to our school community of how knowledge and learning are valuable and enduring. A big thank you to our parents too. Thank you for supporting, loving and standing alongside your students as they faced this big year.

Mrs Natalie Bluhdorn
Academic Head

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