Exceptional HSC results

11 February 2019

Exceptional HSC results

Congratulations Shire Christian School class of 2018 on your exceptional HSC results!

76% of the cohort received a band 5 or 6 in one or more of their subjects, with 16 students listed on the NESA honour roll.

Congratulations Madison Freer for achieving an outstanding ATAR of 98.25.

Band 6 results were achieved in the following subjects: Biology, Chemistry, Community and Family Studies, Design and Technology, Drama, Advanced English, Extension 1 English, Legal Studies, Mathematics General 2, Mathematics Advanced, Music 1, Personal Development, Health and Physical Education, Society and Culture, Studies of religion II, Textiles and Design, Construction.

Almost half (46%) of the Advanced Mathematics class received band 6’s.

All students in English Extension 1 achieved the top band.

We are proud of all our students and the hard work and effort that went into the HSC. We’re particularly delighted to see many students thrive who may not be recognised in the above highlights, but were determined to improve and work to the best of their ability to reach a band 4 or 5 when they might otherwise have received a band 3.

Major Work Nominations:


Group- Annie Carroll, Bethany Munckton, Aimee Raval, Keziah Walker

Justin Reynolds
Bethany Munckton

Art Rules:

Aleisha Agostini


Brianna Batterham
Anthony Oste
Rhys Young


Natalie van Waart

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