Katherine Coffey places first in NSW for HSC Music 1

19 January 2022

Katherine Coffey places first in NSW for HSC Music 1

 2021 HSC student Katherine Coffey has received a First in Course award for Music 1. Placing equal first in the state in an HSC course is an incredible achievement. 

Katherine said she was very surprised to receive a phone call from NSW Education and Standards Authority (NESA) to inform her.

“I was really shocked,” she said. “We didn’t get much of a chance to perform because of COVID and I didn’t realise how well I’d done!”

Katherine said that the encouragement and support of her teacher and her flute tutor, combined with studying with a great group of friends made a big difference.

“Mr Humphreys had so many resources. He made us perform lots in class and was always pushing us to perform in front of other people,” she said.

“We had a really close class and we were all supporting each other, especially during COVID.

“I also owe a lot to my family for their support and for not getting annoyed at me while I was practicing the flute late at night!”

Head of Music at Shire Christian School David Humphreys said he was thrilled by the result.

“Kate is a diligent, exemplary student who worked hard, not only in year 12, but throughout the entirety of her schooling.

“She took every opportunity to be involved in music beyond the classroom, honing her skills as a leader in the senior concert band while assisting younger students and sharing her gifts with the school community in various performances.

“I’m incredibly proud of this achievement and the resilience Kate showed right to the end of her time at Shire Christian School!” he said.

Kate performed one of her HSC pieces for a group of her peers at the end of last year. Check out the special performance here!

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