From the Principal: It has been a humbling privilege

08 October 2021

From the Principal: It has been a humbling privilege

Yesterday, Mr John Ishak, Chairman of the Shire Christian School Board, announced that I will be taking up the position of principal of Rouse Hill Anglican College from Term 1, 2022. 

It has been a humbling privilege to have led a wonderful Christian School for the last 7 years.

Shire Christian is wonderful because of the depth and strength of relationships that have built a united community that is committed to a quality Christian education. I have enjoyed meeting and greeting parents and students in the bus bay each morning and giving a Freddo to students on their birthday. It has been an honour to have connected with many parents more deeply to work through needs and issues of concern to them. Supporting, encouraging and equipping staff has meant a great deal to me every day that I have walked into my office.

Shire Christian is wonderful because there are so many talented and other person centred people who go above and beyond without any desire to receive something in return. These people have made my job so much easier. From our gracious board chair, John Ishak, and the rest of the school board to our exceptionally capable and hard-working executive leadership team to all our outstanding teachers and dedicated support staff I say thank you. Your passion to further the mission of the school and honour God has touched the lives of many, including mine.

Shire Christian is wonderful because so many of our parents earnestly desire to partner the school in the education of their children. I thank them for their expressions of appreciation and thoughtful feedback. I am indebted to our parents, students and staff for their patience when I struggled or made mistakes.

Shire Christian is wonderful because of our students. The maturity, kindness and commitment to learning of so many students is honouring to God and has helped to build the wonderful reputation the school has in the broader community.

Most importantly, Shire Christian is wonderful because we have been blessed by an all loving, all knowing and all powerful God who has guided and protected our school through many joys and challenges. The Lord has blessed us with teachers who have a deep understanding of the Bible and a commitment to teaching God’s word, integrating a Christian worldview into a range of lessons and living a holy life.

While I am sad to be leaving, I am confident that Shire Christian will continue to go from strength to strength. Please pray that the Lord will raise up a new principal who loves God and the whole school community. Please pray that the next principal will delight in seeing children learn and have the experience and wisdom to make wise judgements.

With only another week to go before students start to return to face-to-face teaching I hope to connect with many students, parents and staff before I finish at the end of the year.

Mr Brett Hartley

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