"Our students truly shone" – Mrs Breen reflects on wonderful West Side Story production

05 April 2023

"Our students truly shone" – Mrs Breen reflects on wonderful West Side Story production

Last week it was both a privilege and joy to share in the West Side Story production. While some of the themes in the story were hard and sad, it helped us consider our world, how we connect with people and the influence we can have on others.

Our school community was blessed to hear the beautiful singing and moved by the convincing characterisation that our wonderful cast displayed. There were many in our community who saw the show more than once, commenting on how uplifted they were by the professionalism of the cast and crew. Our students truly shone, both on stage and off.

We want to thank the many supportive parents and families who continually show us grace and love, taking the time to thank us, finding ways to assist, coming along to the shows and encouraging their young people to be brave, show responsibility and take risks. This incredible support has enhanced the production and the students' engagement with it. It wouldn't be the same positive experience without you.

We are excited that our community can collaborate in a project that engages deep learning, creativity, critical reflection and curiosity, helping us to build a positive culture within our school. In addition to this, the cast and staff production team had many moments during the rehearsal period to reflect on the themes in the story from a Christian perspective, which was outlined in the director's note found in the program. This creates a helpful example for our students as they learn how to see the world as God would have them see it, not fearing it but remaining confident of God's sovereignty over all.

Finally, we were blessed to have so many senior students involved and will dearly miss them when they graduate this year. We pray that their experience in the productions here at Shire Christian School will have a lasting, positive impact on them personally and that we will continue to engage with them in future as our community grows to include them as part of our alumni.

Mrs Kathryn Breen
West Side Story Director & Producer

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