PIPE and FONO an amazing spectacle

04 November 2022

PIPE and FONO an amazing spectacle

Congratulations to all the performers of our PIPE and FONO event last night! What an incredible evening of entertainment.

It has been fascinating to hear the conversations of the students in our classrooms and ensembles today as they share their highlights of the evening and as they sing the praises of their peers.

There is something remarkable that has begun to happen in our school’s music community. I have noticed in the past few performance events that there have been a number of students, classes and ensembles who have given a performance at a higher level than they had been achieving in their own private practice. In the same way an olympic runner can set their personal best in front of a cheering crowd through the effects of adrenaline, so to musicians can experience the benefits of the increased breath rate, blood flow, concentration and added strength in muscles.

In my experience it is very rare for this type of phenomenon to happen to musicians at such a young age. I think it is a testament to the caring nature of our school and the supportive families and friends who form a such a fantastic and encouraging audience. Thank you to everyone who came to support these young performers! 

It’s been wonderful to hear from parents that their child is keen to learn an instrument and ask what a good beginner guitar is, or how to join a particular ensemble.

If you have any questions about what the next step for your child could be as they grow in their love of music, please send an email to music@shirechristian.nsw.edu.au. We’d be more than happy to point you in the right direction in terms of finding an instrument, tutor, ensemble, etc.

Mr David Humphreys
Head of Music

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