Secondary students travel across the state for camps

05 May 2023

Secondary students travel across the state for camps

What a joy it was last week to have all Secondary School students travel across various parts of the state for school camps! We place a high value on school camps and the opportunity they provide for enrichment beyond the classroom.

As I think back to my school experience, many of my favourite and lasting memories were whilst on school camps. It’s during these times that friendships are forged, character is shaped and life lessons are learnt.

Each year on our school camps, we hear story after story of CHALLENGE. Of students challenged to do something different and exciting. Of students challenged to connect with others that they might not usually connect with. Of students challenged to look to the needs of others. Of students challenged to consider the amazing creator God that we have, so evident in creation.

A central part of school camps each year is the opportunity to hear from, and be challenged by, God’s Word. We are very thankful each year to partner with our local churches and hear from many gifted speakers who faithfully speak from the Bible. Following these talks, we have discussion groups where students can think a little more deeply about faith and ask questions.

I would like to extend a BIG thank you to all our staff who attended a camp this year. It’s a massive three days for each of our staff, many of whom have made sacrifices to actually be on camp in the first place. What a joy it is to have such caring staff who genuinely enjoy camps and see them as an opportunity for connection.

It was also pleasing to hear how well the students were behaved and embraced the camp experience across each year group. Thank you for your partnership with us in our camps. We look forward to next year's camps already!

Mr Peter Richardson
Head of Secondary School

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