Stu Ford Memorial Challenge

25 February 2022

Stu Ford Memorial Challenge

The Stu Ford Memorial Challenge will be held in honour of Stu Ford, Nicole George's husband, who suddenly passed away on the 26 November 2021. He had planned to complete the Everesting challenge alone, by repeatedly cycling up Garie Beach Hill in the Royal National Park to the staggering heights of 8,848 meters, the height of Mount Everest.


This event will involve a maximum of 12 teams, cycling the Garie Beach hill a total of 46 times, thus accumulating an altitude gain of 8,848 metres, which is the equivalent of conquering Mount Everest. Teams will form a relay and can be made up of 1 to 46 members. ONLY ONE rider per team can be on the course during the challenge, at any given time throughout the day.


A 1hr guided walk has also been added to the program departing from Garawarra Farm at 9:00am. Please register here to give an indication of attendees.


Click the link for more information about the event and the charities Stu chose to support:

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