2023 School Survey Results

15 September 2023

2023 School Survey Results

Earlier this year, we commissioned an independent, confidential 'experience' survey of all school parents, and Year 6-12 students as part of our commitment to continually monitor and improve the quality of education we provide to our students.

This information is most important to the school for our operational and strategic planning, as well as for tracking changes in our performance over time.

For the 2023 review, a total of 334 parents completed the survey.

The surveys were extensive and covered in excess of 300 aspects of education at the school. We chose MMG Education due to their broad experience in the independent school sector.

I am pleased to be able to share an overview of the results below.

Overview of Key Areas

The 'MMG Wheel' below reflects the average scores for all parents across key areas.

Parents noted 'very high' scores for 8 of the 13 areas and 'high' scores for the remaining 5 areas. The overall score is 'very high' (80%).



Expectations Met or Exceeded

The following charts detail the percentage of parents who noted their expectations had been met or exceeded across key areas, ranked in order of the importance they placed on these same areas when choosing the school for their children. For example, 90% of parents noted their expectations had been met or exceeded for 'focus on pastoral care, providing a safe & caring environment'.




Expectations Met/Exceeded for Top 5 Most Important Areas

1.     90% of parents noted their expectations were met or exceeded in relation to the focus on pastoral care, providing a safe and caring environment 

2.     91% of parents noted their expectations were met or exceeded in relation to the School’s values

3.     83% of parents noted their expectations were met or exceeded in relation to the quality of teaching

4.     79% of parents noted their expectations were met or exceeded in relation to quality education at reasonable expense

5.     95% of parents noted their expectations were met or exceeded in relation to Christian Education

Academic Program

The following chart shows parents’ level of agreement with statements relating to the Academic Program at the School.



Child's Life at the School

The following chart shows parents’ overall satisfaction with aspects of their child's life at the School. 

Open Responses

Parents also provided valuable 'open ended’ comments on a number of areas. These responses added greatly to the value of the review. In response to the question about what parents valued most about Shire Christian School, the top five areas noted by parents are detailed below.

Overall, we are very pleased with the results, and I am particularly encouraged at the importance that our parents continue to place on the Christian foundation of the school. However, there are areas identified where further attention will be given – these include an ongoing pursuit for academic excellence, and some aspects of the pastoral care program, the school uniform, and our school communications.


Thank you for your feedback and for the extent of information and quality of views expressed.


Below is a small sample of some of the 'open ended' comments from parents in relation to what they valued about their experience with the school.

A warm community that is nurturing learning and confidence in the children.

Christ-centred learning provided by staff with a genuine faith and a genuine interest in the wellbeing of the students.

Christian perspective of the school and the families and friendships that have been made through our children.

Community feel; Christian values; ... quality teaching...

Friendships with other Christian families/Kindness and goodness of teachers /That the Bible is honoured and taught/That our kids can all be there together P-12.

Generally, the teachers the school employs are passionate and caring educators who openly share about Jesus. There is a culture of togetherness and families are welcomed warmly.

I feel confident that my children are safe and well cared for. The school runs smoothly and I have confidence in the teaching staff.

I have loved the families and community that I have got to know at shire. Most of the teachers in the junior school have been wonderful and I am very thankful!

Interactions between students and teachers - build trust.

It’s a community, Christian school whereby staff genuinely care about the students. The schools' values and ethos align with ours. Our daughter learns about the Bible and Jesus.

Knowing information about what’s going on, SEQTA helps a lot. Having access to pastoral care teachers to contact.

Passion and commitment of teaching staff - I feel like my children have good examples to look up to, are respected, understood and cared for.

David Stonestreet

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