The Greatest Act of Humanity?

13 April 2023

The Greatest Act of Humanity?

I am enrolled to do a first aid course these holidays and when I logged in to the portal I was greeted with the message “First aid is one of the greatest acts of humanity”.

Well didn’t I feel special, like I was the discoverer of penicillin or the developer of the smallpox vaccine! As noble and important as first aid is, it was not lost on me that tomorrow is Good Friday, when THE greatest act of humanity (and divinity) was enacted by Jesus on the cross.

All that we do here at Shire is predicated on the gospel message that Christ died for our sins, and that we are saved not by works but by grace – through faith in Jesus and his death for our sins. I pray for all our families that this Easter weekend may be a time of renewal as we consider the Father’s greatest act of love to His chosen people. 

Mr David Stonestreet

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